How to Service an Air Compressor

September 20, 2020 0 By king.97

An air compressor is a fantastic piece of equipment which can be used to power a broad range of tools. This type of equipment is expensive but with the right maintenance schedule is should reward you with many years of ongoing use.

Whether you have bought your compressor from new, or acquired it second-hand, the first step is to read the manufacturer’s manual fully. There are many different types of compressor and the only way to ensure you know how to service your specific compressor is to read the original manufacturer’s manual. The manual should explain key factors such as the time interval for maintenance action, the key parts to be checked and any specific type of oil that should be used in machine.

The main areas of maintenance for เครื่องอัดอากาศ compressors revolve around keeping the key elements clean; the air inlet, hoses, air filters, fuel tank and general exterior all need to be cleaned regularly to ensure optimum performance.

In addition to the cleaning regime, you should regularly check the drainage tank and release any fluid accumulated through normal operation. The excess the fluid can usually be drained from the tank via a valve.

The compressor contains several hoses which are involved in the movement of air around the system. The majority of these hoses are part of a closed system but you should still check them. Hoses can still become blocked by a build-up of debris and are also susceptible to puncture and damage.

Once you have cleaned and checked the main areas of your compressor, the next step is to change the compressor oil. You could just check the oil levels but it is preferable to carry out a full oil change for maximum long-term performance.

These are the main points when considering how to service an air compressor but there are additional things you could also check for completeness. These additional service items include testing the automatic safety shutdown feature, looking for wear and tear around seals and tightening screws and other fittings.

In summary, compressor maintenance is not necessarily complicated to undertake but is nevertheless vitally important to the long-term safety, functioning and resale value of your compressor. Some of the maintenance tasks are ideally carried out on a very regular basis but others will only need to be undertaken at periodic service intervals. The best way to determine the maintenance schedule is to refer to the operating guide whilst also considering the intensity of use. However, as with all things mechanical, if you have any doubts about maintenance then you are best advised to consult a professional engineer who can provide expert guidance.